Betbaba Bonus – Dynamo Kyiv acquittal by Jorge Jesus

Jorge Jesus and Attila Szalai made clear statements in Fenerbahe, which will face Dynamo Kyiv in the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League.

jesus, “In the draw, they were an experienced, strong team in the Champions League. I know them well, I played against them last year. There will be difficult times, but we have a good bottom. We want to respond to their quality on the field. 80 percent of the opponent’s players belong to the Ukrainian National Team. “We have been training with the team for about 4-5 weeks. We are getting to know each other gradually. We want to create a quality team with positive thinking. We know that our opponent Dynamo Kiev has been playing together for 4-5 years.” said.

Experienced technical man who was asked about the situation in Ukraine, “We all know what happened in Ukraine. I hope things don’t happen outside of mata sports. We all respect those who were there, we share their pain.” he residence.

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The Portuguese teacher, who stated that he knew Lucescu well, “Lucescu is a symbol among foreign coaches. He is very knowledgeable about football. He shows his quality in every team he goes to. He has a lot of experience in the Champions League, just like me. He met last year, so he has an opinion about us.” made the assessment.

Jesus, who was reminded of Dynamo Kiev last season, “I remember everything about that salary. We still keep everything about that salary. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to us. I have great respect for Lucescu, we have a good friend. I hope I’ll be the winner again.” he residence.



Finally, Jorge Jesus, congratulating the Fenerbahelis Day of the World, “A win would be very important, but I think there is a balance between the two teams. We will play the first official match, Fenerbahe has not been in the Champions League for many years and many players did not play in the Champions League, but if we show willingness and determination, if we are well organized, they can increase. “ used the expressions

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